Photo Course

Coming off auto – an introduction to photography techniques

Add a little something extra to your holiday

Coming off auto mode

Our introduction to photography course is a half day session out and about. We cover the basics of photography including shutter speed and aperture whilst out taking photos as doing is the best way to learn.

It doesn’t matter what camera you have, we can work with you to show you how to get what you need from the camera. Having manual settings is an advantage, but not necessary.

The course includes a trip out, the location of which depends on the time of year and weather, tuition with Mark, a professional photographer and time to practice your new skills.  We spend about 3 hours covering the material and practicing.

The course is jut £60 per person and can be booked with your break, you’ll find it as an optional extra during the booking process.

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This setting impacts the amount of light and depth of field, (how much of an image is in focus).  In addition to having this setting explained to you, you have time with Mark to practice shots with differing aperatures

Shutter speed

This setting impacts the amount of light in an image and whether you freeze or blur motion. You’ll gain an understanding of how changing this setting impacts your image and time to practice with Mark

Plus more

We cover other areas of photography to give you an understanding of how to come off of auto mode and how to create the images you want.  All covered by Mark, a professional photographer with a first class honours degree in photography